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La Mirage Spa and Hair Salon specials for the summer. Bensalem 19120 Massage, hair cut, haircut, hair extensions, pedicure, manicure, facial

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Welcome to La Mirage Hair & Day Spa
We have created an environment where men and women can experience a complete range of signature beauty and spa services. We see to envelop each person with a new world of small, sound, touch, and taste to regenerate their body and spirit.
We are dedicated to the art of beauty and wellbeing. Without collective creative talents ad vision, we pursue excellence in our community and in our industry. Through continuing education, leadership and teamwork we strive to set standards toward excellence, exceeding expectations, great relaxation and well-being. 
Summer's over, time for your Personal autumn Beauty. 
Autumn is undoubtedly one of nature's most wonderful times. The bright colors of the changing foliage, the crisp crunch of the fallen leaves underfoot and the start of the cool and clear evenings. Unfortunately, no one told your skin about autumn's beauty!
The bitter and dry air that appears as the winter months approach can be a nightmare for your skin, creating dry, flaky and all round dull looking complexions that your daily skincare routine just can't resolve, hence these autumn beauty tips and tricks that will help you regain the glow you're always had. 
What you may no know is that the end of the summer needn't mean the end of fresh faces, brilliant bodies and luscious locks. There are some really simple tips and tricks to add to your usual habits that can banish tired skin and keep you looking summer ready.  Or you could always try some of the more extreme techniques-but remember, they're not for the faint of heart!
•	Scrub, Scrub, Scrub! One of the main reasons your autumn skin looks tired and plain is because of dead skin cells that heave been the victim of the summer sun. While these cells blossom during the warmer months, the effects are short lived and if you don't do anything., they hang around on your face making your complexion a bit dull and lifeless
Use a good facial scrub to get rid of dead cells, and pick up a loofah for your body. If you're got quite hardy skin, don't be afraid of using a more intense scrub made up of larger exfoliate particles, but try and stick to a more gentle products if you've got sensitive skin. Exfoliate every other day so as not to aggravate your skin. 
•	Moisturize: the drier air in the autumn can wreak havoc on your skin. Moisture is drawn out of the skin and you can be left with dry and frizzy hair, flaking skin, and chapped lips. It's not healthy and let's face it, it doesn't look to good. Good moisturizing products can be a lifesaver, but they need to be used consistently, a one off lathering when you've got the time just isn't going to cut it
If you've got really dry skin, you want to be looking at a heavy duty moisturizer that's going to be lapped up by your skin in seconds, leaving you looking and feeling clean and fresh. If you've got combination skin, use a moisturizer that leaves a matter finish. This will lubricate the skin while making sure you don't greasy afterwards. For your lips, choose either a medicated lip balm for ultra-smooth chops, or try al tinted lip balm that can help give you a perky look. Use a deep conditioning treatment for your hair, or create your own hair mask with mushed bananas, raw eggs, honey and milk. 
•	Vitamin C. You may know Vitamin C as the good stuff that's found in oranges but do you know why it's good for you? Vitamin C protects your body's cells, keeping them healthy - and this includes your skin cells,. It's a good antioxidant and also helps produce collagen which is the protein responsible for keeping your skin tight and springy. 
Stock up on skincare products that contain Vitamin C. Body moisturizers and facial toners that contain more than one type of Vitamin C and other beneficial enzymes are which allows more of it to be absorbed. Incorporating lots of Vitamin C filled foods which allows more of it to be absorbed. Incorporating lots of Vitamin C filled foods into your diet (think sweet potatoes, peppers etc.) can work wonders too.
•	Glycolic facial Peel. Okay, so this technique isn't quite as simple as those above but it can be very effective. A glycolic facial peel is an aggressive version of exfoliation. It is applied to the skin and kills the cells in the top layers. As the cells die, they fall off, leaving you with fresh and youthful skin underneath. 
Want to find out a little more about these skincare and facial rejuvenation treatments that can provide long-lasting exceptional results? La Mirage offers a wealth of products and services on a range of facial and body rejuvenation techniques. Make an appointment today to keep your body looking beautiful
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